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On March 14 I will be hosting an ‘unconference’ around journalism enterprise and entrepreneurship. Rick Waghorn, of, will make the keynote speech. JEEcamp is an opportunity for a range of people to get together to talk about how on earth journalists and publishers can make a living from journalism in the era of free […]

The Conference today ended with a more or less open discussion about citizen journalism, User Generated Media or what we want to call it. The discussion was mostly about the Saddam Hussein footage recorded on a mobile phone during his execution. The focus seemed to be pretty much on who was responsible for whether we […]

Picking up drunks for a living may not sound very interesting, but that was the definition Tom Reynolds gave of his job as an ambulance driver. An ambulance driver that loves blogging, and hates citizen journalists – or rather, hates the word. In Tom’s speech he carefully outlined the differences between “Journalists” and “Bloggers”. In a […]

 “35 years left for newspapers” (prof. Mayor) and “You don’t need newspapers to get news anymore” were the opening statements given by Michael Hill, Trinity Mirror plc. Not a positive outlook, but don’t despair: Hill is one of a new wave of media figures who accept the changes occuring in the modern newsroom. Newspapers have […]

So, my name is Ashley Pollard and I’ll be blogging the conference tomorrow.  I am a first year student on the media and communication degree at U.C.E.  I am interested in citizen journalism because I like the idea of everyday people showing us their view of the world.

My name is Kasper Sorensen and I will be blogging from the Citizen Journalism Conference. I am a student on the Broad Media & Communication Course at UCE in Birmingham. I’m especially interested in Citizen Journalism becuase I see it as a natural part of Online Journalism that I’m hoping to specialise in by the […]

This is the blog for the Citizen Journalism 2007 conference taking place in Birmingham on January 26, an opportunity for the news industry, academics, bloggers and citizen journalists to get together and look at the issues raised by this increasingly mainstream form.. We have three excellent keynote speakers arranged for the day. These are: Michael […]