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From the latest OPA mailing: “A year and a half ago, Backfence was the darling of hyper-local citizen journalism, started by veterans Mark Potts and Susan DeFife and flush with $3 million in venture funding. But at the turn of the new year, there was trouble, as DeFife exited along with other executives, and co-founder […]

Article at… OhMyNews.

The Conference today ended with a more or less open discussion about citizen journalism, User Generated Media or what we want to call it. The discussion was mostly about the Saddam Hussein footage recorded on a mobile phone during his execution. The focus seemed to be pretty much on who was responsible for whether we […]

The third speaker at the Citizenship Journalism Conference was Vicky Taylor, Head of Interactivity at the BBC, who introduced us to the way the BBC deals with and uses user-generated content.   Vicky Taylor, who likes to avoid the notion of talking about “Citizenship Journalism” as such, and prefers the more general definition of user-generated […]

So, my name is Ashley Pollard and I’ll be blogging the conference tomorrow.  I am a first year student on the media and communication degree at U.C.E.  I am interested in citizen journalism because I like the idea of everyday people showing us their view of the world.

My name is Kasper Sorensen and I will be blogging from the Citizen Journalism Conference. I am a student on the Broad Media & Communication Course at UCE in Birmingham. I’m especially interested in Citizen Journalism becuase I see it as a natural part of Online Journalism that I’m hoping to specialise in by the […]