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Rather than maintain two blogs, I’ll be posting about citizen journalism at my main blog at Until we do another conference, this blog will be sleeping for a while. Advertisements

Roy Greenslade writes: “Residents in the New Hampshire town of Deerfield felt their affairs were not being adequately reported, so they started their own newspaper, The Forum. But that’s not the only innovation. The newsprint version is published only on an “as needed” basis, about four times a year, and then mailed to 7,200 homes. […]

Attendee Martin Stabe has written about the Citizen Journalism conference in this week’s Press Gazette. Sadly, his ‘Fleet Street 2.0’ column is not online these days (as he no longer works for PG full time, or oversees their website), so I can’t give you a link, but he broadly talks about people struggling to grasp […]

So report Red Herring. Guess what? It’s cheaper than paying journalists.

From the latest OPA mailing: “A year and a half ago, Backfence was the darling of hyper-local citizen journalism, started by veterans Mark Potts and Susan DeFife and flush with $3 million in venture funding. But at the turn of the new year, there was trouble, as DeFife exited along with other executives, and co-founder […]