Keith Waterhouse’s comments on the Saddam footage


You can trust a columnist to come up with a position to spark off some debate. And as for a Daily Mail columnist…

Keith Waterhouse has his perspective on bloggers: “I cannot be doing with blogging, bloggers or blogs”, he says. But as for photobloggers? Ah, they’re different.

“This Damascus U-turn took place in the aftermath of Saddam Hussein’s execution, when the pictures began to come in.

“You will recall that the reports originally had it that the death sentence was carried out with as much decorum and dignity as such gruesome rituals allow.

“No Western reporters were present – the BBC’s John Simpson was asked along to the necktie party by the Iraqi leader himself, but was turned away.

“The bloggers were there, though, armed with picture-snatching mobile phone cameras. The official photo coverage, taken to convince the world that the monster had indeed paid the price, were grisly enough.

“The bloggers’ contribution – grabbed at the gallows either by a mini-mob of gleeful Shia interlopers or by the condemned prisoner’s guards themselves – shocked all right-thinking people.”

Of course, the Saddam Hussein pictures were not taken by ‘bloggers’ as far as we know, but a person with a mobile phone. There’s plenty more ill-informed commentary here too, but something to react to – and the comments are worth a read.


5 Responses to “Keith Waterhouse’s comments on the Saddam footage”

  1. 1 Vanita James

    ‘The official photo coverage, taken to convince the world that the monster had indeed paid the price…’ – the photo coverage, official and non-official, had the unfortunate result of humanising the monster. The reason for his punishment, whether one is a supporter of the death penalty or not, was lost in the furor surrounding his death created in part by the mobile phone footage.

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