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Michael Hill has very kindly given us permission to make his PowerPoint presentation available. It can be downloaded from the Media Department website at Advertisements

Article at… OhMyNews.

Ian Forrester has very kindly posted video of both Tom Reynold’s talk about blogging, and Vicky Taylor’s talk about user generated content – as well as the concluding panel discussion.

Tom Reynolds has posted about his anticipation of the conference (I hope it proved painless), and included a link to his PowerPoint presentation.

You can trust a columnist to come up with a position to spark off some debate. And as for a Daily Mail columnist… Keith Waterhouse has his perspective on bloggers: “I cannot be doing with blogging, bloggers or blogs”, he says. But as for photobloggers? Ah, they’re different. “This Damascus U-turn took place in the […]

The Conference today ended with a more or less open discussion about citizen journalism, User Generated Media or what we want to call it. The discussion was mostly about the Saddam Hussein footage recorded on a mobile phone during his execution. The focus seemed to be pretty much on who was responsible for whether we […]

The concluding panel debate of the day was kicked off by a consideration of the Saddam Hussein hanging footage. Should news editors have chosen to use the images? Does taste and decency have a role – or a meaning – in the new media age? As bloggers are not subject to the same regulatory restraints […]